Webinar Alert: Looking Under the Hood – wolfSSL Automotive Stories and Examples!

Story time with wolfSSL! Join us for a comprehensive presentation on how to leverage wolfSSL for all of your Automotive Security needs as we go through a variety of different use cases and example with the specific engineering details for each story. As always bring your questions for the Q&A following the presentation.

Register here and join us this Thursday (April 14th) at 10AM Pacific (US and Canada)!

wolfEngine 1.0.0 Released

We’re happy to announce the first major release of wolfEngine, version 1.0.0. This release brings several improvements to wolfEngine. Here are some notable ones:

– Improved Visual Studio support.

– Improvements to the initialization code to support our upcoming FIPS 140-3 module.

– A rework of the AES-GCM implementation to support all OpenSSL use cases.

– New control commands for enabling wolfSSL debug logging.

– Better logging around the failure of the FIPS integrity check.

– A set of examples in the examples/ subdirectory.

– Additional HMAC functionality.

If you’re interested in using wolfEngine to satisfy FIPS requirements, please reach out to facts@wolfssl.com and we can discuss getting you a commercial version!


wolfSSL Supports git

wolfSSL has added support for git 2.35.1. git is a version control system that handles projects of all sizes. It is capable of handling the version history of projects all the way up to the size of the Linux kernel. git uses SSL/TLS for its imap-send command. This command sends a collection of patches from stdin to an IMAP folder. git can also be configured to use the crypto library for all SHA-1 and SHA-256 hashing. wolfSSL supports all of this functionality in our port. (https://github.com/wolfSSL/osp/tree/master/git)

Compile wolfSSL with

./configure --enable-opensslextra


make install

Compile git with:

patch -p1 < /path/to/our/patch



git uses external dependencies for most of its communication protocols. The two more common protocols used within git are https and ssh. git builds and links against the system available curl for http and https support and uses the ssh utility that is available at runtime in $PATH for ssh support. To use only wolfSSL in git make sure that all dependencies are using wolfSSL. curl can be built to use wolfSSL using a configure option (https://everything.curl.dev/source/build/tls#wolfssl) while you can build OpenSSH against wolfSSL using our patches (https://github.com/wolfSSL/osp/tree/master/openssh-patches).

To find out more please email facts@wolfssl.com.

Webinar Alert: Securing IoT Devices with Microchip Security Solutions

Join us Thursday, April 7th at 9AM Pacific!

This webinar will highlight wolfSSL’s Microchip partnership and our support for their microcontrollers and secure elements. We will discuss best practices for securing IoT devices using wolfSSL and Microchip. Join us to learn about using Microchip MPLABX and Harmony for embedded projects and use of the ATECC608 secure element with wolfSSL for TLS and MQTT.

Register here.

As always, bring your questions for the Q&A following the presentation.

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