Answers to Common Questions to Team yaSSL at the RSA Security Conference

Hi!  If you follow yaSSL, you probably know we were exhibiting at the RSA Security Conference at Moscone last week.  Our next set of posts will answer common questions that we were fielding at the show. Some of the common questions included:
– Does wolfSSL have sniffer, also known as SSL Inspection functionality?
– What about resiliency in the TCP reassembly library?
– Can you port wolfSSL to my platform?
– If wolfSSL is open source, then how do you make money?
– Why is there a wolf in the yaSSL logo?
– How do you compare to OpenSSL?
– What does wolfSSL have as far as Certificate Management?
– Is the yaSSL Embedded Web Server similar to Apache / mod_ssl?
– Where is yaSSL located?
– Does the yaSSL Embedded Web Server compete with nginx?

Stay tuned to the yaSSL blog for answers to these questions and more!