CES 2015: Smart Appliances

As we explore CES 2015, we’ve been seeing lots of new and exciting smart appliances on the floor. In total, the CES Exhibitor list for the “Smart Home” section totals 61 exhibitors. As we come across new devices, we’re planning on posting up our photos to the wolfSSL blog and Facebook page. The above photos show Whirlpool’s new smart washer and dryer, and wolfSSL’s Mark Minnoch in front of the Withhings booth.

See below for more photos from Bosch, Whirlpool, Withings, and more. And stay tuned for additional posts as CES continues.

The CyaSSL lightweight SSL/TLS library is used to secure several of today’s smart appliances. Backed by a team focused on keeping up to date on the most current security standards, TLS protocols, and algorithms, and focused on minimizing resource usage, CyaSSL is the perfect fit for securing connected smart appliances and smart home devices. To learn more about CyaSSL, visit the product page, or contact us at facts@wolfssl.com.

CES 2015: https://www.ces.tech