wolfSSL with Arduino
Reformatting wolfSSL as a compatible Arduino Library

This is a shell script that will re-organize the wolfSSL library to be compatible with Arduino projects. The Arduino IDE requires a library's source files to be in the library's root directory with a header file in the name of the library. This script moves all src/ files to the IDE/ARDUINO/wolfSSL directory and creates a stub header file called wolfssl.h.

Step 1: To configure wolfSSL with Arduino, enter the following from within the wolfssl/IDE/ARDUINO directory:


Step 2: Edit <wolfssl-root>/IDE/ARDUINO/wolfSSL/wolfssl/wolfcrypt/settings.h uncomment the define for WOLFSSL_ARDUINO If building for Intel Galileo platform also uncomment the define for INTEL_GALILEO.

Including wolfSSL in Arduino Libraries (for Arduino version 1.6.6)
  1. In the Arduino IDE:
    • In Sketch -> Include Library -> Add .ZIP Library... and choose the IDE/ARDUNIO/wolfSSL folder.
    • In Sketch -> Include Library choose wolfSSL.
  2. Open an example Arduino sketch for wolfSSL:
    • wolfSSL Client INO sketch: sketches/wolfssl_client/wolfssl_client.ino
    • wolfSSL Server INO sketch: sketches/wolfssl_server/wolfssl_server.ino