wolfSSL Example

The Example contains of wolfSSL tls client demo.

  1. "make menuconfig" to config the project
    1-1. Example Configuration ->

      WIFI SSID: your own WIFI, which is connected to the Internet.(default is "myssid")  
      WIFI Password: WIFI password, and default is "mypassword"  
      Target host ip address : the host that you want to connect to.(default is

    Note: the example program uses 11111 port. If you want to use different port
    , you need to modify DEFAULT_PORT definition in the code.

When you want to test the wolfSSL client

  1. "make flash monitor" to load the firmware and see the context
    2. You can use <wolfssl>/examples/server/server program for test.
      e.g. Launch ./examples/server/server -v 4 -b -i

See the file in the upper level 'examples' directory for more information about examples.