wolfSSL STM32F2/F4 Example for Open STM32 Tools System Workbench



  1. Using the STM32CubeMX tool, load the <wolfssl-root>/IDE/OPENSTM32/wolfSTM32.ioc file.
  2. Adjust the HAL options based on your specific micro-controller.
  3. Generate source code.
  4. Run SystemWorkbench and choose a new workspace location for this project.
  5. Import wolfSTM32 project from <wolfssl-root>/IDE/OPENSTM32/.
  6. Adjust the micro-controller define in Project Settings -> C/C++ General -> Paths and Symbols -> Symbols -> GNU C. Example uses STM32F437xx, but should be changed to reflect your micro-controller type.
  7. Build and Run

Note: You may need to manually copy over the CubeMX HAL files for stm32f4xx_hal_cryp.c, stm32f4xx_hal_cryp_ex.c, stm32f4xx_hal_cryp.h, stm32f4xx_hal_cryp_ex.h. Also uncomment the #define HAL_CRYP_MODULE_ENABLED line in stm32f4xx_hal_conf.h.


The settings for the wolfSTM32 project are located in <wolfssl-root>/IDE/OPENSTM32/Inc/user_settings.h.


For questions please email support@wolfssl.com