Rowley CrossWorks ARM Project for wolfSSL and wolfCrypt

This directory contains a CrossWorks solution named wolfssl.hzp.

Inside are three projects:

  1. libwolfssl: This generates a library file named "libwolfssl_ARM_Debug/libwolfssl_v7em_t_le_eabi.a"
  2. benchmark: This is a sample benchmark application. It runs the "benchmark_test" suite repeatedly until a failure occurs.
  3. test: This is a sample test application. It runs "wolfcrypt_test" suite suite repeatedly until a failure occurs.


+You will need to install the "Freescale Kinetis CPU Support Package" and "ARM CPU Support Package" in the Rowley Package Manager under Tools -> Pacakge Manager.

Harware Support

All hardware functions are defined in kinetis_hw.c and are currently setup for a Freescale Kinetis K64 Coretx-M4 microcontroller. This file can be customized to work with other Kinetis microcontrollers by editing the top part of the file. Testing for this project was done with the Freescale Kinetis MK64FN1M0xxx12 using the TWR-K64F120M. To build for the TWR-K64F120M or FRDM-K64F, define WOLFSSL_FRDM_K64 in the Preprocessor Definitions section of CrossStudio, or define it in "user_settings.h".

To create support for a new ARM microcontroller the functions in hw.h will need to be implemented.

Also you will need to configure the ARM Architecture and ARM Core Type in the "Solution Properties" -> "ARM". Also the "Target Processor" in each of the projects ("Project Properties" -> "Target Processor")

Hardware Crypto Acceleration

To enable NXP/Freescale MMCAU:

  1. Download the MMCAU library.
  2. Copy the lib_mmcau.a and cau_api.h files into the project.
  3. Define USE_NXP_MMCAU to enable in user_settings.h.
  4. Add the lib_mmcau.a file to Source Files in the application project.
  5. Open the wolfssl_ltc.hzp CrossWorks project
  6. Build and run

To enable the NXP/Freescale MMCAU and/or LTC:

  1. Download the NXP KSDK 2.0
  2. Copy the following folders into IDE/ROWLEY-CROSSWORKS-ARM: drivers, mmcau_2.0.0 and CMSIS.
  3. Copy the following files into IDE/ROWLEY-CROSSWORKS-ARM: clock_config.c, clock_config.h, fsl_debug_console.c, fsl_debug_console.h, fsl_device_registers.h, system_MK82F25615.c, system_MK82F25615.h, MK82F25615.h and MK82F25615_features.h.
  4. Define USE_NXP_LTX to enable in user_settings.h.
  5. Open the wolfssl_ltc.hzp CrossWorks project
  6. Build and run

Project Files

Functions required by the WolfSSL Library

If you are writting your own application, the following functions need to be implemented to support the WolfSSL library: