Apache Mynewt Port


This port is for Apache Mynewt available here.

It provides follows mynewt packages.

How to setup

delopy wolfssl source to mynewt project

Specify the path of the mynewt project and execute wolfssl/IDE/mynewt/setup.sh.

./IDE/mynewt/setup.sh /path/to/myproject_path

This script will deploy wolfssl's mynewt package described in the Overview to the mynewt project.



To enable logging, please append -DDEBUG_WOLFSSL to crypto.wolfssl.pkg.yml(or /path/to/myproject_path/crypto/wolfssl/pkg.yml) in pkg.cflags: and inject dependency of mynewt log modules.


- log
- stats
- console

Please add wolfSSL_Debugging_ON() to application code.

When it executes application, display tty device for output display devices. please confirm with the cat /dev/ttysXXX command or kermit or screen.

example setting example applications to targets

This section eplains how to set wolfssl example application to target device.

Please execute follows commands at only once.

create wolfcrypttest_sim that is simulator device for unit test of wolfcrypt.

cd /path/to/myproject_path
newt target create wolfcrypttest_sim
newt target set wolfcrypttest_sim app=apps/wolfcrypttest
newt target set wolfcrypttest_sim bsp=@apache-mynewt-core/hw/bsp/native
newt target set wolfcrypttest_sim build_profile=debug

build & test

build and execute wolfcrypttest_sim

newt clean wolfcrypttest_sim
newt build wolfcrypttest_sim