Microchip/Atmel ATECC508A/ATECC608A Support

Support for ATECC508A using these methods:


Requires the Microchip CryptoAuthLib. The examples in wolfcrypt/src/port/atmel/atmel.c make calls to the atcatls_* API's.


Build Options

Build Command Examples

./configure --enable-pkcallbacks CFLAGS="-DWOLFSSL_ATECC_PKCB" #define HAVE_PK_CALLBACKS #define WOLFSSL_ATECC_PKCB


./configure CFLAGS="-DWOLFSSL_ATECC508A" #define WOLFSSL_ATECC508A


Setup the PK callbacks for TLS using:

/* Setup PK Callbacks for ATECC508A */
wolfSSL_CTX_SetEccKeyGenCb(ctx, atcatls_create_key_cb);
wolfSSL_CTX_SetEccVerifyCb(ctx, atcatls_verify_signature_cb);
wolfSSL_CTX_SetEccSignCb(ctx, atcatls_sign_certificate_cb);
wolfSSL_CTX_SetEccSharedSecretCb(ctx, atcatls_create_pms_cb);

The reference ATECC508A PK callback functions are located in the wolfcrypt/src/port/atmel/atmel.c file.

Adding a custom context to the callbacks:

/* Setup PK Callbacks context */
void* myOwnCtx;
wolfSSL_SetEccKeyGenCtx(ssl, myOwnCtx);
wolfSSL_SetEccVerifyCtx(ssl, myOwnCtx);
wolfSSL_SetEccSignCtx(ssl, myOwnCtx);
wolfSSL_SetEccSharedSecretCtx(ssl, myOwnCtx);


Supports ECC SECP256R1 (NIST P-256)


TLS Establishment Times:

The TLS connection establishment time is 5.73 times faster with the ATECC508A.

Cryptographic ECC

Software only implementation (SAMD21 48Mhz Cortex-M0, Fast Math TFM-ASM):

EC-DHE key generation 3123.000 milliseconds, avg over 5 iterations, 1.601 ops/sec EC-DHE key agreement 3117.000 milliseconds, avg over 5 iterations, 1.604 ops/sec EC-DSA sign time 1997.000 milliseconds, avg over 5 iterations, 2.504 ops/sec EC-DSA verify time 5057.000 milliseconds, avg over 5 iterations, 0.988 ops/sec

ATECC508A HW accelerated implementation: EC-DHE key generation 144.400 milliseconds, avg over 5 iterations, 34.722 ops/sec EC-DHE key agreement 134.200 milliseconds, avg over 5 iterations, 37.313 ops/sec EC-DSA sign time 293.400 milliseconds, avg over 5 iterations, 17.065 ops/sec EC-DSA verify time 208.400 milliseconds, avg over 5 iterations, 24.038 ops/sec

For details see our wolfSSL Atmel ATECC508A page.