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I have the Kinetis Design Studio with FreeRTOS compiling successfully for the FRDM-K64F. I wanna add the wolfSSL library but i'm a kind of lost on how to select the correct files to drag to the environment.

In the folder wolfssl-3.7.0 there are sources and includes files in many folders, like src, wolfssl, cyassl and so on...

I also haven't found in the manual which files are necessary. I am only aware that I must change the settings.h file to select the FreeRTOS.

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I'm trying to establish a secure communication between the FreeRTOS (client) and Linux (server) using the WolfSSL library.

I'm getting the error -501 that indicates that cipher suites list doesn't match.

CyaSSL_read error = -501
error = -501, can't match cipher suite

The table below show the supported cipher suites from server and client:

PunBB bbcode test

How can I enable one of those cipher suite on Linux to enable the communication?

Complete debug log:

received record layer msg
wolfSSL Entering DoHandShakeMsg()
wolfSSL Entering DoHandShakeMsgType
processing client hello
wolfSSL Entering MatchSuite
wolfSSL Leaving DoHandShakeMsgType(), return -501
wolfSSL Leaving DoHandShakeMsg(), return -501
wolfSSL error occured, error = -501
wolfSSL Leaving wolfSSL_negotiate, return -1
wolfSSL Leaving wolfSSL_read_internal(), return -1
wolfSSL Entering SSL_get_error
wolfSSL Leaving SSL_get_error, return -501
CyaSSL_read error = -501
wolfSSL Entering SSL_get_error
wolfSSL Leaving SSL_get_error, return -501
wolfSSL Entering ERR_error_string
error = -501, can't match cipher suite
wolfSSL Entering SSL_free
CTX ref count not 0 yet, no free
Shrinking input buffer

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