Oh, yes, one more thing to inform you, my project assignment is to create self-signed certificate, but the algorithms are mix with NTRU, so i tried it on LAN connection first to make it sure it's run smoothly. It might help you to understand my problems.

Thankyou very much, Kaleb.


Great! Thank you so much for your amazing help!

I'll try it first and running it.

But i have one more question, it's related to my project assignment. Is it any possible way to enable it in apache? 'Cause, i want to try it on LAN connection first

Im sorry, i didnt quiet understand this one :

To generate these one can use the APIs' wc_MakeNtruCert() and ntru_crypto_ntru_encrypt_keygen(). For a reference example please checkout wolfssl-root/wolfcrypt/test/test.c and find the section wrapped by "#ifdef HAVE_NTRU". In that section we create the new key and update the certificate.

Im still trying to understand it, but it seems im not even reach that part yet. I mean, can u give some example certificate generate with that command line in Linux, please?

Hello K,

Which is mean, i dont have to link the NTRU Crypto from github to wolfssl? Because there's already NTRU lib in wolfssl?

Hello, i've been working on my project for 2 months, and im stuck at this state, im wondering if someone can guide me privately or some other ways, it will helpful and great for me!

So, long story short, my plans are create certificate that it's algorithm fusion with NTRU, so i added NTRU library to wolf ssl with this

./configure --with-ntru=/usr/local/lib/ --enable-all CFLAGS="-DWOLFSSL_STATIC_RSA" --enable-opensslextra

and opensslextra to migrate to openssl as the manual guide said.

What am i supposse to do to creating certificate using NTRU library?