Hi David

Happy to share that we have successfully compiled WSSL pack with our existing STM32 project for STM32L452 with Cube IDE.
now we are looking for example to use WSSL in bare metal (with STM32 without RTOS or linux lib).
gone through a post in this forum also "porting Wolfssl t bare metal"  but its all about migration from openssl.
so please suggest some example to integrate WSSL in our STM32 project .

another compatibility check request is here for LWIP, we already have LWIP stake working with our system so can we get some benefit  from that , or in simple words is it possible to use LWIP along with wssl or WSSL willalone can handle all Network task. if there is some thing related to WSSl+lWIP please point it out to proceed further .

Abhishek Mishra

Hi David

thanks for responding quickly !

we used 4.7.0  and you can see in ref. image also commented  /* #define WOLFSSL_LINUXKM */ in setting.h , but there is no change in error (some new errors for lwip path appeared )

is there any example or ref for using wolfssl with St in bare metal ?

also find MX configuration..

Hello David thanks for response !

we followed your suggestion and modified #define WOLFSSL_STM32L4 in setting.hand also commented "WOLF_CONF_RTOS"
for your refer setting.h and wolfSSL_conf.h is atached . after clearly using single threaded system and not RTOs in config (by cube mx) still having error from files "/linux/delay.h" from module_hooks.c and get_thread_size.c from linuxkm which is linux kernal requirement..

kindly let us know why this is including OS based lib files even we dont want to use them and we have configured project for STM32L452.

-Abhishek Mishra


we are  working to integrate Wolf ssl based client application on our running STM32 based project ,for this we have taken reference from official doc of Wolf and found it supports STM32L series of controller, we followed instruction based on this doc to use package designed for STM32 controller. and having trouble with following details .

1. In config file (conf.ftl) located under iDe section is using only two controller in STM32L serial #defined(STM32L4A6xx)  and #defined(STM32L475xx).  , no where mentioned STM32L452 , so is there no support for STM32452 for wolf ssl ?

2. after using package "wolfSSL.I-CUBE-wolfSSL.4.7.0.pack" with STM32CUBE MX we integrated these packages with current project with HALversion 1.14 but there are lots of files for RTOS and linux/scripts are being generated under WOLF middle ware section , so wolf ssl only works with OS based applications?   

we request help and guidance for using wolfssl with STM32L452 project .

-Abhishek Mishra