Topic: kinetis SSL

I am working on FRDMK64 kinetis board. i am using KDS2.0 IDE and KSDK 1.1.0 MQX libraries.
i want to implement SSL secure client connection. can you have any example project for SSL Client/server connection.and also i need documentation. how to interface Wolf ssl into kinetis.

thanks and regards,
sudhakar p


Re: kinetis SSL

Hi Sudhakar,

Currently the only example project files that ship with wolfSSL are the CodeWarrior project files located under the <wolfssl_root>/mqx directory.  These were written for CodeWarrior in combination with the TWR-K70F120M platform.

If you download wolfSSL from our website and use it directly in your application, you can reference the wolfSSL Manual for documentation purposes: … l-toc.html

Freescale also has put together a CyaSSL Patch for KSDK which includes an evaluation version of CyaSSL in addition to an example HTTPS server using the RTCS web server (httpsrv_ssl_<platform>).  You can download this from the download link at:

Freescale has a blog post explaining getting the httpsrv_ssl example up and running on a FRDM-K64F platform here:

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