IoT and MQTT at #ARMTechCon

MQTT is a lightweight pub/sub messaging protocol designed for space constrained devices and is perfect for the IoT space.

Did you know that the Azure IoT Hub and Amazon Web Services (AWS) both provide MQTT endpoints for devices to connect?

Due to a lack of good C based MQTT client implementations wolfSSL decided to write one from scratch about a year ago. Now its used by many companies and is available in several SDK’s. The library comes loaded with examples for basic client, firmware update system, Azure IoT Hub and AWS. It works with wolfSSL to provide TLS support for MQTT. Supports a non-blocking implementation, which is useful for bare-metal.

The wolfMQTT library is dual license open-source GPLv2 and commercial.

The latest sources can be downloaded from GitHub here:

See us at #ARMTechCon booth 321 (Wednesday 10/26 and Thursday 10/27 – 10:30 AM – 6:30 PM)