Meet the Team: Todd Ouska

Meet Todd Ouska, the Co-Founder of wolfSSL. Starting wolfSSL wasn`t a simple task. Todd had many obstacles to overcome, some of which included becoming an expert in all of the technology behind SSL/TLS and encryption and providing users with someone they could trust who had done it and done it correctly. Todd`s future hopes for the company are to expand wolfSSL’s products and to secure more devices around the world. Todd is fluent in C, C++, and x86 Assembly but prefers C++ because it has much stronger type checking compared to C, it`s easier to use modern design patterns because you have access to full objects, and it has the abstractions of a high level language but also the direct access to memory benefits that you get with C.

Outside of work Todd enjoys cycling and tries to do so a few times a week. His cycling trips tend to stretch as far as 50 miles. Next to cycling Todd enjoys reading non-fiction, listening to music, and modifying his sound system. When asked if he could work in any one single place, Todd said that he`d live in Portland; he`d lived in Seattle for a few years but moved back to Portland simply because he liked it.

About the Author:
My name is Shane Israel. I am an intern at wolfSSL working out of Bozeman, MT. I am currently a senior at Montana State University working towards my B.A. in Computer Science. In my spare time if I am not out hiking, camping, or kayaking I am likely playing video games or making games – lately mobile Android games. I love creativity and originality and find I can incorporate both in designing and making games on my free time. I`m looking forward to working with wolfSSL and learning more about this area of CS.