Notes from wolfSSL at Embedded Systems Computing show in Boston

Hi!  A few notes from exhibiting at Embedded Systems Computing show in Boston.  

1. It`s always fun to hear about what people are doing with embedded systems.  We heard lots of interesting stories about the devices people are building… and securing.

2. The diversity of embedded systems is still amazing, and growing.  From pico-sensors to POS to UAV`s.

3. Team wolfSSL was lucky enough to make it out to Fenway to watch the Red Sox!  Nice to see that historic stadium and see some professional baseball players.  Check out our pictures on Facebook.

4. Feedback on the new yaSSL Embedded Web Server was fun!  Lots of people with lots of interesting ideas on where and why to put a web server on a device!

5. Kerberos Consortium:  We made time to visit the leadership of the Kerberos Consortium at MIT  More on that in a following blog post!