Webinar: Building Trust and Keeping Secrets in the IoT

wolfSSL and Whitewood will be holding a webinar tomorrow, April 20, 2016 to talk about securing the IoT with the wolfSSL embedded SSL/TLS library and Whitewood netRandom.

Title: Building Trust and Keeping Secrets in the IoT
When: April 20, 10:00am PDT

“When devices in the Internet of Things (IoT) handle sensitive data or perform safety critical tasks, it’s essential that they can be trusted. Devices need to be able to store data and communicate confidentially. They need to prove their identity and verify that messages they send and receive have not been tampered with. These critical security capabilities all rely on cryptography – and all cryptography relies on secrets. Whether using encryption, digital IDs or signatures keeping secrets is still only a part of the challenge. Implementing the core crypto algorithms and protocols can be error prone, resource hungry and slow in operation – all of which can impact user confidence and vendor credibility.

During this webinar, experts from Whitewood and wolfSSL will highlight the pitfalls and solutions for crypto enabling your IoT security to build trust, minimize risk and accelerate time to market.”

If you are interested in watching the webinar, you can register at the following link: