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Welcome to the wolfSSL media and press page.  Here you will find a collection of information, presentations, papers, videos and photos relating to wolfSSL products and events.  If you are interested in using anything from wolfSSL’s media collection, please Contact Us.

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View slides from Todd Ouska’s presentation on Secure Memcache at OSCON 2010!

OSCON 2010

Secure Memcache

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An brief overview of wolfSSL technologies including CyaSSL, yaSSL Embedded Web Server, and CyaSSL Java SSL Provider.

wolfSSL Products

Brief Overview

wolfSSL 3.12.0

Release 3.12.0 includes a vulnerability fix, TLS 1.3 support, Intel assembly improvements and SGX Linux support, DTLS multicast, Xilinx port, SHA3 (Keccak), and more!

wolfCrypt FIPS Module

The CMVP has issued FIPS 140-2 Certificate #2425 for the wolfCrypt Module developed by wolfSSL Inc.

View slides from Larry Stefonic’s lightning talk on CyaSSL, the yaSSL Embedded Web Server, and some fun stuff we’ve done.


Lightning Talk

Presentations We Enjoy

Abstract: A web interface is the easiest way to add something GUI-ish to an embedded system. However, setting up an Apache and writing CGI scripts requires too much work and overburdens resource constrained systems.. This presentation shows you the best tools to simplify your life for adding an interface to your embedded system. The first step is the Mongoose Embedded Web Server. It is a tiny (40K) yet fully-featured web server that can be embedded directly in your application. Combining it with the efficient CyaSSL library gives you a secure environment. For a more advanced GUI, there is Wt, which completely removes the burden of web programming from you - you'll hardly even notice there's a web server in your application!

Creating Secure Web Based User Interfaces for Embedded Devices

FOSDEM 2011, Arnout Vandecappelle (

February 6th 2011 in Brussels, Belgium

View slides from Chris Conlon’s presentation about securing MySQL - including an intro to SSL, and performance statistics for MySQL SSL usage.

MySQL Conference 2011

Securing MySQL with a Focus on SSL

Press Kit

If you are looking for information on our company, products, and how we compare, feel free to download our press kit.  The following items are included in the kit.  All documents are in PDF format, all images are in PNG format.

  1. wolfSSL Product Overview

  2. wolfSSL vs. OpenSSL: Why Choose Us?

  3. Hi-Resolution wolfSSL Logo

Press Kit (ZIP, 353 kB)

View slides from Chris Conlon’s presentation about wolfSSL’s progress in the 2010-2011 year at FOSDEM in Brussels, Belgium.


2010-2011 Technical / Community Update

View slides from Chris Conlon’s presentation about wolfSSL’s work porting the MIT Kerberos library and GSS-API to the Android platform.

Kerberos + Android

A Tale of Opportunity

Provides viewers with a brief introduction to SSL/TLS as well as a “shopping list” of features to look for when searching for the ideal SSL library for a project or application.

Secure Communication

Usability and Necessity of SSL/TLS


Installing an Alternate SSL Provider on Android

Linux Journal

May 2011, Security Issue

wolfSSL published an in-depth walkthrough in Linux Journal about installing an alternate Java SSL Provider in the Android operating system.

Flyers / Handouts

General information related to the wolfSSL embedded SSL library and wolfCrypt libraries.

wolfSSL General

wolfSSL, wolfCrypt

Interested in how wolfSSL is used in the gaming industry in some of today’s top gaming titles?

wolfSSL Gaming

How wolfSSL is used in gaming

Learn how wolfSSL provides fast encryption in a small form factor.

wolfSSL Benchmarks

Throughput, Server Load

wolfSSL supports the NTRU public key cipher to provide 20-200 times performance increase over using standard RSA.

wolfSSL and NTRU

Fast, Quantum-safe public key algorithm

Learn some of the differences between wolfSSL and OpenSSL.

wolfSSL vs. OpenSSL

What’s the difference?

embedded ssl

Questions? +1 (425) 245-8247

wolfSSL and wolfCrypt can be used together with the Yocto and OpenEmbedded projects!

wolfSSL Yocto / OpenEmbedded

What, why, and where.