Topic: bug in wolfSSL embedded ssl from old forums moved here to document.


      2006-09-23 18:11:00 MDT

      There seems another bug in wolfSSL v0.5.0.

      Here are the steps to reproduce it:

      => client and server uses normal procedure to set up a SSL connection
      => server closes the connection
      => client uses the same SSL* to initiate another connection
      => server crashes at Md5Update()

      touskaProject Admin

      2006-09-24 19:35:55 MDT
      I'll fix the server crash but this isn't the way to resume an SSL connection on the client side. See the client example code under TEST_RESUME, you could also create a new SSL pointer and do a complete new connection but resuming is much quicker and easier on the server.

      2006-09-25 11:07:59 MDT
      You are right, but a robust server need take care of not only 99 good buys but also the bad buy, isn't it? Thanks.