Topic: lwip with wolfSSL embedded SSL


I want to use wolfSSL embedded SSL with lwip on my AT91SAMx256 ek as well on TI LM3s6965 Ethernet Eval board. Please let me know how can i do the same?



Re: lwip with wolfSSL embedded SSL

WolfSSL can be used with the LwIP stack, and is generally fairly easy to get running on a variety of processors. To use wolfSSL with LwIP, you'll need to define CYASSL_LWIP in <cyassl_root>/cyassl/ctaocrypt/settings.h when compiling wolfSSL. By default, wolfSSL uses the LwIP BSD Socket API. You'll need to have this enabled in your LwIP stack.

Regarding getting wolfSSL embedded SSL running on your processors, you'll need to make sure that you:

1) Define SIZEOF_LONG and SIZEOF_LONG_LONG to match the output of sizeof(long) and sizeof(long long) respectively for your platform

2) Set the correct endianness for your processor. Define BIG_ENDIAN_ORDER if big endian, otherwise define LITTLE_ENDIAN_ORDER if little endian.

Re: lwip with wolfSSL embedded SSL

Thank you for your response.

I am little new to this lwip and embedded SSL.

I have a webserver Demo project runing with lwip on AT91SAM7xEK. Is it possible to include wolfSSL into it ? or i need to implement it differently.