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Topic: [SOLVED] Test certificate server-ecc.pem in wolfSSL 2.8.0 expired

I noticed during testing with wolfSSL embedded SSL 2.8.0, that the ECC server test certificate server-ecc.pem expired recently.
From server-ecc.pem:

            Not Before: Jan 25 20:09:20 2011 GMT
            Not After : Oct 21 20:09:20 2013 GMT

Is it possibly to provide an updated certificate or will the next release of wolfSSL (2.9.0?) feature a renewed certificate?

For now, I created my own server-ecc-new.pem with the instructions provided by your taoCert.txt-file (although I needed to add some extras to the openssl-calls to get a certificate as similar as possible to your server-ecc.pem).

- Daniel


Re: [SOLVED] Test certificate server-ecc.pem in wolfSSL 2.8.0 expired

Hi Zeddi,

That will be fixed in the next wolfSSL release.  We updated it in our GitHub repository a couple days ago (https://github.com/cyassl/cyassl/commit … 59e45b02c8), so feel free to use the updated certificate found there.

Best Regards,