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Topic: Non-blocking client with blocking server error -223


Previous, I used wolfssl-2.2.2 for supporting TLS with blocking IO. But exceptionally Infinite loop occurs in trying to

#0 0x1007e454 in DoApplicationData ()
No symbol table info available.
0000001 0x1007faac in ProcessReply ()
No symbol table info available.
0000002 0x10069ba4 in WolfSSL_connect ()
No symbol table info available.

Not to escape wolfssl_connect(). I don't know why it occurs and method for resolving it.

I upgraded lib to latest release version(2.8.0) also used nonblocking IO only to client-side based on example/client/client.c for handling problem but I see an error (-223 which means WANT_READ) in ssl_accept() after swching to nonblocking IO.

I attached snapshot to both client and server-side when wolfssl-debugging-on.

Please let me know method for solving it.

Thank you for reading it.


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Re: Non-blocking client with blocking server error -223

Hi Raphael,

What you're seeing using nonblocking I/O is expected behavior when the underlying I/O would block.  From the API document for wolfSSL_accept(), found here: http://www.yassl.com/yaSSL/Docs-cyassl- … on-io.html:

wolfSSL_accept() works with both blocking and non-blocking I/O.  When the underlying I/O is non-blocking, wolfSSL_accept() will return when the underlying I/O could not satisfy the needs of of wolfSSL_accept to continue the handshake.  In this case, a call to wolfSSL_get_error() will yield either SSL_ERROR_WANT_READ or SSL_ERROR_WANT_WRITE.  The calling process must then repeat the call to wolfSSL_accept when data is available to read and wolfSSL will pick up where it left off.

As an example, you can look at how ./examples/server/server.c handles non-blocking I/O with NonBlockingSSL_Accept() using wolfSSL embedded SSL.

Best Regards,