Topic: CyaSSL Release v2.9.0 Now Available

The new release of CyaSSL, v2.9.0, is now ready to download from our website.  New features include:

- Freescale Kinetis RNGB support
- Freescale Kinetis mmCAU support
- TLS Hello extensions
  * ECC
  * Secure Renegotiation (null)
  * Truncated HMAC
- PKCS #7 Enveloped data and signed data
- PKCS #10 Certificate Signing Request generation
- DTLS sliding window
- OCSP Improvements
  * API change to integrate into Certificate Manager
  * IPv4/IPv6 agnostic
  * example client/server support for OCSP
  * OCSP nonces are optional
- GMAC hashing
- Microchip MPLAB Harmony support
- Additional X.509 inspection functions
- ECC encrypt/decrypt primitives
- ECC Certificate generation

Please see the README and our on-line documentation for more information or feel free to contact us.