Topic: yaSSL building with latest libcurl 7.21.2

I'm trying to get yaSSL 2.0.0 building with libcurl 7.21.2 in Window but I'm getting some errors:

openssl/dh.h files are missing.

Is it possible to build licurl using yassl as underlying SSL stack.



Re: yaSSL building with latest libcurl 7.21.2

You can now build CyaSSL 1.9.0+ with the latest sources available from curl at git clone git://

To use it.
CyaSSL steps:
1) get CyaSSL 1.9.0
2) ./configure --disable-static
3) make
4) sudo make install

curl steps
1) git latest curl sources from above link
2) ./buildconf
3) ./configure --disable-shared --with-cyassl --without-ssl --enable-debug
4) make

You'll now have a new curl with CyaSSL in src/.  If you're not loading all the CA certificates you need to verify sites for testing use -k to do insecure mode, e.g.,

./curl -k