Topic: Adding ssl_pending to wolfSSL embedded ssl library


      2006-09-25 11:15:56 MDT
      Is it possible for wolfSSL to export a function that indicates whether an SSL session has incoming message ready for receiving? It would be useful to SSL applications that needs asynchrnous i/o, because wolfSSL buffers message leftover and hides SSL struct in wolfssl_int.c.
      touskaProject Admin

      2006-09-25 13:37:03 MDT
      Sure, I can implement SSL_pending. I should have a patch for you tomorrow for your requests. Is there a reason you're using wolfSSL over yaSSL? I ask because yaSSL is much more mature and feature rich, the only reasons to use wolfSSL are for small size or if your system lacks a c++ compiler. You can still use yaSSL in a C project.

      2006-09-25 14:29:00 MDT
      yes, I use wolfSSL for small size, just like I had to clone expat with 130 lines of C code to save 80 KB code size.

      2006-09-26 17:02:48 MDT
      I do this:

      * NZG addition
      * doesn't uses standard s->method because it doesn't exist!
      int SSL_pending(SSL *s) {

      Wput seems to use it.
      Hasn't bitten me....yet.



      2006-09-26 17:25:21 MDT
      I did similarly, but still prefer official release.