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Topic: STM32F2xx no Operating System


I am currently using an STM32F2xx MCU without any operating System.   This page cover everything you need to know when you use an OS: http://www.yassl.com/yaSSL/cyassl-keil-mdk-arm.html.  Is there as document on how to use it when you are not running an OS?  I am using Keil and stm32F2xx HAL drivers (instead of the StdPeriph_Driver).I am only looking for the decode/encode of a stream functionnalities.


Martin Gingras


Re: STM32F2xx no Operating System

Hi Martin,

You can find the wolfSSL embedded SSL Porting Guide at the following URL, which should cover areas of the wolfSSL codebase which may need modification without an OS, or when porting to a new environment:

http://www.yassl.com/yaSSL/Docs-cyassl- … guide.html

We don't currently have support for integrating the wolfCrypt crypto primitives into the STM32 HAL drivers, but it's something which is on our desired feature list.

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