Topic: [SOLVED] ./configure ... --enable-opensslextra Bug?

Dear Team

our build is on windows 7 (64bit) via mingw32(bit), configured with:

./configure C_EXTRA_FLAGS="-DFP_MAX_BITS=8192 -DNO_WOLFSSL_SERVER" --host=i386-pc-mingw32 --enable-fastmath --enable-opensslextra --enable-sni

Compiled with no errors but the openssl-compatibility functions (from: … ility.html ) will not be exported in the libwolfssl-5.dll

All other works fine.

I was looking in the Makefile, and found the -DOPENSSL_EXTRA define flag:


Any ideas why the openssl-compatibility functions are not available in the dll?

Thank you
Hans-Jürgen Petrich


Re: [SOLVED] ./configure ... --enable-opensslextra Bug?

Are you looking at just the exports from the library? Or is your application failing to build? Our compatibility layer is a set of #defines that map the OpenSSL function names to wolfSSL names, like "#define SSL_read wolfSSL_read".

Re: [SOLVED] ./configure ... --enable-opensslextra Bug?

Hallo John,

Are you looking at just the exports from the library?

Yes. The exports (for this functions … ility.html ) are missing in libwolfssl-5.dll with the above ./configure && make (under Windows)

The build of libwolfssl-5.dll runs otherwise fine. Only the openssl-compatibility (from the above link) functions are not exported from wolfSSL embedded SSL.

Did i miss something in the ./configure parameter maybe?

Thank you and greetings
Hans-Jürgen Petrich


Re: [SOLVED] ./configure ... --enable-opensslextra Bug?

Some of the functions listed on that page require other features we normally disable. Adding --enable-sessioncerts should give you wolfSSL_X509_get_serial_number, wolfSSL_get_sessionID, and the chain functions. Adding --enable-certgen will add wolfSSL_PemCertToDer. The other functions listed on that webpage should be available to you, though.

Re: [SOLVED] ./configure ... --enable-opensslextra Bug?

Thank you John... exakt what i was looking for.
Greetings Hans-Jürgen Petrich :-)