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Topic: Testing with provided server and client examples

I am trying to test some things using the provided examples. In order to do so I need to perform a lot of connections. Here I have two problems:

I'm using DTLS-PSK, -s -u -v3.

Problem 1:
If I try to use the benchmark flag in the client: i.e. -b 100
It give me: yassl error: SSL_connect failed.
This same example without the -b flag runs fine.

Problem 2:
If I try to do it by myself I face the problem that the server quits after each connection from a client. Is it possible to keep the server running after a connection from a client in order to perform multiple consecutive connection without being necessary to rerun the server each time?

I'm using wolfSSL embedded SSL 3.0.0.


Re: Testing with provided server and client examples

To do the handshake benchmark, you need to use the echoserver and the client with the -b option. And DTLS has to be disabled in the build. (Enabling DTLS forces the echoserver to be DTLS only.)

We don't support DTLS handshake benchmarking at the moment. (But it is on our list.) The problem is that the echoserver won't wait for a new incoming connection until it receives a "break" message from the existing session, or the socket is closed cold. In the TCP benchmark, the sockets are just closed and reopened.