Topic: DER format of a CA certificate (from old forums)


      2006-09-26 16:39:41 UTC
      When will wolfSSL support DER format of CA certificate? Thanks.
      touskaProject Admin

      2006-09-26 17:45:52 UTC
      Individual certificates and private keys can be used in either format, DER or PEM. CA certificates on the other hand must be in PEM format, the SSL_CTX_load_verify_locations() function doesn't allow the option to specify which format and assumes PEM. Is there a reason you need CA certificates in DER format?

      2006-09-26 23:38:57 UTC
      I am new to SSL and X.509. I don't know which of DER and PEM format of CA certificate prevails commercially? If it is PEM, i'm all set; otherwise I will need DER support.

      Please advise. Thanks.
      touskaProject Admin

      2006-09-27 06:16:30 UTC
      I can show you how to convert DER to PEM if that's all you can find, it's trivial.

      2006-09-27 19:13:57 UTC
      Thank you.

      Is it by openssl command line?

      Is there any windows executable for the purpose?
      touskaProject Admin

      2006-09-27 19:53:18 UTC
      The openssl command line utility is the quickest, easiest way to do it. You should be able to use openssl on Windows, either native or through cygwin. I could build an executable to do it if you really need it, I'd just reverse PemToDer.