Topic: Using wolfSSL instead of OpenSSL with Lighttpd (from old forums)


2006-11-21 14:00:30 UTC

On the website, it says "yaSSL also supports an OpenSSL compatibility interface."

However, when I tried to compile with Lighttpd (, there are several problems.

The main issue is that the MD5 structures are different ("Md5" instead of "MD5_CTX"), and the functions are renamed ("InitMd5" instead of "MD5_Init",...).

Is there a howto to help users migrate from OpenSSL to wolfSSL ?

Thanks in advance.
touskaProject Admin

2006-11-21 19:06:06 UTC
I haven't written a migration guide yet but it's something I'll start. The OpenSSL compatibility layer is intended to support all of the common SSL functionality, not every single function from SSL, Crypto, PKI, EVP, and X509, because there are thousands and thousands of functions. That said, if something can't build because of only a few missing functions I'll probably add them. yaSSL supports the MD5_CTX stuff so I guess I'll add it to wolfSSL as well as an optional build feature.