Topic: Setting up CyaSSL embedded ssl on a microcontroller (from old forums)


2007-09-26 22:00:16 UTC

I just downloaded the wolfSSL source code and am trying to compile it to implement embedded ssl on a microcontroller. I have some rather... inexperienced questions that I am hoping somebody might have the patience to help me out with:

Should I be using the make files that are included to compile wolfSSL? If so, is there a good makefile application for windows? Is there a list of settings available that I should be aware of when I try to compile wolfSSL for my microcontroller?

touskaProject Admin

2007-09-28 17:39:49 UTC
Hi Erik,

If you're on Windows you should be able to use the MSVC project files. If you're not using MSVC as your compiler you can probably use ./configure and make but you'll need to install something like cygwin to use those tools on windows.