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Topic: Configure script setting -Werror flag


I had an issue configuring my wolfssl/wolfcrypt sources after adding them to a git repository. The compilation failed, as the configure would set the "-Werror" flag. After a long search for the cause and many "WTFs" I figured out that the configure script checks for a .git folder to exist in the top directory (presumably for non-release builds), whereupon, apparently, the -Werror flag is set:

      if test -e ".git"; then :

(configure, line 24359)

In hope that this helps anyone who encounters this issue.


Re: Configure script setting -Werror flag

Hi telina,

Thanks for sharing with the community. We have those checks in there for development and Continuous Integration purposes, if that is not something you need you can remove the .git checks in autogen.sh script and re run it or simply run the below command to re-create the ./configure script without those .git checks.

autoreconf --install --force --verbose

Warm Regards,