Topic: wolfmqtt and esp-idf with FreeRTOS

I all,
the last 2 days I tried to compile wolfmqtt on the esp-idf 3.0 sdk, I got so many errors and the last one is

dangerous relocation: call8: call target out of range: memcpy

I do not know what to do, and the question is: there is a working porting on the esp32 and FreeRTOS platform?
if not there is someone who can help me make the libraries work on esp32? (ESP-WROOM32)

Thank you very much in advance.


Re: wolfmqtt and esp-idf with FreeRTOS

Hi Giovanni,

Have you tried adding `-mlongcalls` to your CFLAGS and CXXFLAGS?

See forum post here:

David Garske, wolfSSL