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Topic: How to ECDH using wolfssl API ? ( encryption & decryption.)

I don't know how to make ECDH using wolfssl api.

especially, encryption and decryption.

give me answer, plz.

Is there any ECDH examples using wolfssl api



Re: How to ECDH using wolfssl API ? ( encryption & decryption.)

Hi kjjy7,

You would use the function:

Parameter 1: your static private key
Parameter 2: Public key from the end entity used to generate the shared secret when combined with your private key
Parameter 3: an output buffer to store the shared secret
Parameter 4: the size of the output buffer when passed in, gets updated by calling function to indicate size of shared secret.


unsigned char* sharedOutBuf[512]; // size assumes a 256-bit curve field, adjust if using large curve field to (curve_fieldSz*2)
word32 sOutBSz = 512;

ret = wc_ecc_shared_secret(&userA_priv, &userB_pub, sharedOutBuf, &sOutBSz);