Topic: wolfSSL on FreeRTOS running on STM32 cortex M3

Hello Guys,

I am trying to add wolfSSL to FreeRTOS. I have FreeRTOS running on STM32 cortex M3 evaluation board. And, I also have a small webserver running on the STM32. Now i am trying to add the wolfSSL into FreeRTOS. I am using "Keil" compiler to run. I am not sure that i can use all the make files and the./configure files to start with.

My question here is, how to port the wolfSSL to a generic micro controller. Without using any ./configure and make files.

Any feedback would be really appreciated.

Kishore Srimat

touskaProject Admin

2009-02-03 19:12:52 UTC
Are you sure ./configure doesn't work? You might want to try compiling the embedded SSL library, otherwise you can do this:

source files = cyassl/src/*.c and cyassl/ctaocrypt/src/*.c

include files = cyassl/include*.h and cyassl/ctaocrypt/include/*.h


define BIG_ENDIAN_ORDER if the processor is big endian otherwise wolfSSL defaults to little endian.

define SIZEOF_LONG to its length in bytes and SIZEOF_LONG_LONG too, e.g.,

#define SIZEOF_LONG 4

define SINGLE_THREADED unless you have a pthreads package available. This is only for locking the session cache and shouldn't affect clients.

Let me know what comes up.