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Topic: WolfMQTT with the STM32 having FreeRTOS supports on keil MDK

Hello there

              I'm using wolfMQTT platform with STM32F429Zi with cubemx, i have used settings as per the code example provided on STM32F4 with CubeMX by wolfSSL, but my platform is keil MDK 5 and with FreeRTOS api. Now the problem is I'm facing lot's of problem during compilations and  unable to port properly. I need to know is there any ported example on keil MDK5 With freeRTOS or not
I'm using user settings as per the provided examples on STM32F4 with SW for STM



Re: WolfMQTT with the STM32 having FreeRTOS supports on keil MDK

Hi mehendra,

Thanks for contacting us about this. From the wolfSSL main library root directory IE wolfssl-3.15.3/ browse to IDE/MDK5-ARM/Projects. We would recommend that you use those projects as your base and then layer in wolfMQTT once you have the SSL/TLS and Crypto parts building and working properly. Use the wolfssl-3.15.3/IDE/MDK5-ARM/Projects/CryptTest project to test crypto is working properly before moving on to SSL/TLS and ultimately MQTT testing!

To enable support for FreeRTOS uncomment the define FREERTOS in wolfssl-3.15.3/wolfssl/wolfcrypt/settings.h

Please let us know if you have any additional questions.

Warmest Regards,