Topic: [SOLVED] WolfSSL Interoperation with OpenSSL (AES CTR)

I'm currently trying to get a microcontroller running FreeRTOS with WolfSSL working with an x86 server using OpenSSL.

I'm encrypting messages server-side with the OpenSSL EVP Cipher functions, using EVP_aes-256_ctr() as the type:

EVP_EncryptInit_ex(ctx, EVP_aes_256_ctr(), NULL, TEST_KEY, TEST_IV)
// EVP_CIPHER_CTX_set_padding(ctx, 0) /* tried adding this for wolfSSL compat */

Now this currently works with OpenSSL on the other side running decryption. However, I'm trying to get decryption working with WolfSSL and I've been having problems. I've currently tried a few approaches (mostly based on the FreeRTOS example code), including:

// attempt with bare AesCtrEncrypt:
byte cipher[AES_BLOCK_SIZE * 8]; // this is ~twice as large as the messages
Aes aes;
wc_AesCtrEncrypt(&aes, cipher, msg, out_len);

// attempt with wolfssl EVP Ciphers:
byte plain [AES_BLOCK_SIZE * 12];

EVP_CipherInit(&ctx, EVP_aes_256_ctr(), TEST_KEY, TEST_IV, 0/*decrypt*/)
EVP_Cipher(&ctx, plain, (byte*)msg, len)

But neither of these two main approaches have worked for decrypting the encrypted bytes the server is sending over. Based on the docs I have no idea what to look for - the page for AesCbcEncrypt specifically mentions not using padding for OpenSSL interoperability, but the page for AesCtrEncrypt makes no mention.

- cbc page: … 68dd4b218b
- ctr page: … a000fe43a1

Thanks in advance!


Re: [SOLVED] WolfSSL Interoperation with OpenSSL (AES CTR)


Can you send us a sample of EVP encrypted data just to run though our parser to review the content format?

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- K

Re: [SOLVED] WolfSSL Interoperation with OpenSSL (AES CTR)

Managed to figure out the issue.

While I was using the EVP_aes_256_ctr, I was using a 16b IV and a 16b key. I didn't realize the AES 256 function would accept a 16b key without errors. Changed it to a 32b key (as per documentation) and managed to get it working properly.


Re: [SOLVED] WolfSSL Interoperation with OpenSSL (AES CTR)

That's good to hear you figured it out.