Topic: building for STM with SSL and third party wifi stack

So I want to use SFTP with a product that has STM processor, we have incorporated  SSL with a third party wifi stack. I have some questions about how to build SSH and use SFTP.
We dont have a file system either.
I see a include statement #include <config.h> but I cant find a config.h in any of the subdirs of SSH (using 1.3.0).
Clearly I need to configure the build to not use any file access functions and I also need to configure the build to just use the third party send/receive funcitons.
what include files do I need to review/modify?


Re: building for STM with SSL and third party wifi stack

I am sorry about not replying sooner.

config.h is generated by the configure script if when you are doing a autotools/GCC based build (for macOS, Linux, Cygwin, etc). It isn't used if you are using an IDE.

When you are using an IDE, you need to add a user_settings.h file. There is one in the ide/winvs directory that is used to set up wolfSSL, and it is loaded by the wolfSSH build as well. wolfCrypt, a subset of wolfSSL, is used by wolfSSH.

As far as not having a file system, wolfSSH is currently expecting one. I haven't looked into a callback system for creating virtual file systems for RTOSes without file systems. (The idea would be to associate file names with functions, and getting the file name calls the function which returns data of some kind.)

The files to look at for porting are wolfssh/port.h and src/port.c. You'll also have to port wolfCrypt to your target as well. Depending on the RTOS we may already have wolfCrypt ported. wolfSSH is still new and we don't have many turnkey ports provided yet.