Topic: a few beginner questions

Hi all -

I'm an embedded software engineer, evaluating various hardware and software alternatives for a new product. Right now, I need to evaluate a Microchip SAME54 device, with FreeRTOS, and I'd like to look into WolfSSL for our security layer. I'm fairly new to modern security, though, and so have a few very basic questions:

1. Does anyone know whether WolfSSL is already built for this family of devices?
2. I see the WolfSSL package referred to as a "library." Should I take this literally, and attempt to build a library that I then use in my app? Or do I just include the source and header files into my project and build them directly into my app?
3. according to the FreeRTOS site, WolfSSL has already been integrated, but they're not very clear on how I obtain this integration. Can anyone shed some light on this?

Thanks...I'm looking forward to getting started with WolfSSL. Hopefully it will be just what we need.


Re: a few beginner questions

Hi mzimmers,

1) wolfSSL has been built on multiple SAM devices, no specific porting changes have been required to date to get it setup.

2) Either option is fine, you can build the sources and headers directly or create a stand alone library and link it, your preference.

3) Download wolfSSL and edit the file wolfssl-root/wolfssl/wolfcrypt/settings.h, uncomment the define for FREERTOS. Add the FreeRTOS header paths to your project include path and begin development!

Please let us know if you have any questions as you get started.

Warm Regards,