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Topic: ed25519_pub_key.c missing from src/

I have wolfboot downloaded from this website (version 1.3) and the master head revision from https://github.com/wolfSSL/wolfBoot.

I am building on windows 10 using MSYS/mingw and have the GNU MCU Eclipse build tools (2.12-20190422-1053) together with the arm-none-eabi-gcc\8.2.1-1.7.1 gcc version and am targeting the STM32F4 device.

In both cases when I run
>make config [all defaults seem appropriate for STM32F4 target]

I see the error

>make: *** [Makefile:142: ed25519.der] Error 9009

Looking into this the make command is: @python3 tools/keytools/keygen.py $(KEYGEN_OPTIONS) src/ed25519_pub_key.c

The problem is in neither version of the repository (archive download or github) can I find the file src/ed25519_pub_key.c.

>python3 tools\keytools\keygen.py --ed25519 src\ed25519_pub_key.c

I think the python script is supposed to create this file but calling from the command line does not produce an error or a file.


So it seems I am missing the wolfcrypt python package since the import fails when I run the keygen, do I need to download and build this entirely seperately or because there does seem to be some of it availabl in the wolfboot libs directory.

I seem to be missing something fundamental here. What have I done wrong?


Re: ed25519_pub_key.c missing from src/

Hello bmidgley, thanks for posting this question.

Indeed, the file src\ed25519_pub_key.c is generated once by the keygen.py script. The script depends on the package wolfcrypt-py, that can be obtained using the python package manager:

pip3 install wolfcrypt

or installed from its sources available here: