Topic: GreenHills Integrity OS


I would like to know if WolfSSL can be implemented into GreenHills IntegrityOS.

If so, can you please explain what changes to make to do so, so that it compiles with my current code.

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Re: GreenHills Integrity OS


wolfSSL already has checks for both integrity defines (__INTEGRITY) || (INTEGRITY) and has built in support. Can you clarify the issues you are seeing and your build process?

Can you also share a bit about the background of this project. If you need to guarantee faster turnaround on responses feel free to reach out to our support staff at

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Re: GreenHills Integrity OS

I have C++ code that I just need compiled into a GreenHills IntegrityOS embedded system. Can you share with me the build command to get this done? I don't see Integrity as an option in the settings file.