Topic: wc_GEnerateSignature takes to long

Hi there. I have been using the wolfssl lib for a while on the freescale mcu mk82fn256xxx and the performance have been greate so far. Wc_generateSignature performs a signature within milliseconds. Recently I switched from freescale to STM mcu, SMT32F437VG serie. This mcu has a RNG, CRYPTO and HASH engine. When it comes to the wc_GenerateSignature I can make the difference between two of them. Stm mcu takes to long to perform the signature (about 4.5 seconds). Is there any way to improve the signature process? I am not sure but I think that the difference between two MCUs relies on the PKA(Public Key Accelerator). Any help is appreciated.


Re: wc_GEnerateSignature takes to long

Hi sokol.biba,

Can you checkout the wolfSSL manual Chapter 2, section 2.4.7 on "Increasing Performance" and scroll down to the section "wolfSSL’s proprietary Single Precision math support"? I think that will help a lot on this issue! … Manual.pdf

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