Topic: Control of TLS Handshaking Messages (Timeouts/Retries)


Does wolfSSL allow a client/server to control retries and timeouts for individual TLS Handshaking messages? For example, if the CLIENT_HELLO message is lost during transmission, can wolfSSL be configured to resend the CLIENT_HELLO message multiple times until it receives a response from the server? Our customer has specific requirements for timeouts and retries for each phase the handshaking protocol. Our application would be using memory interfaces (not TCP/IP) to transmit/receive data using a proprietary wireless messaging protocol.

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Re: Control of TLS Handshaking Messages (Timeouts/Retries)


This would be managed by the transport layer. TCP for example is a transport layer that guarantees message delivery. If you are using some other transport layer check the documentation for your transport layer to see how to implement message delivery guarantee.

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