Topic: How to port wolfSSL to TMS320

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I've tried to find SSL library for my TMS320 based system, which is c28x family and using c2000 compiler.
Unfortunately, I've just heard that TI doesn't support openSSL over TMS320.
openSSL over TMS320 behaves wrongly, because data types of c28x families are a little different(char is 16bit, int is 16bit as well) with common data types due to its CPU architecture.

As I saw wolfSSL pages, it looks possible to port wolfSSL over TMS320, but I'm not sure.
From the porting guide, wolfSSL looks to be able to make its data types compatible to target system.

Has anybody tried to port wolfSSL to c28x families such as TMS320?
Is there a guide for it?

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Re: How to port wolfSSL to TMS320


Thanks for your question. I just got your case through our Zendesk system and will be addressing it there. The short answer is yes wolfSSL has been ported and shown to work on 16-bit architectures. There are some customizations that need to happen but it is possible.

Looking forward to working with you more through "support [at] wolfssl [dot] com".

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