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Topic: woldSSL 2.2.0 and Mongoose 3.1

I make wolfSSL with --enable-opensslExtra
I expect that the CyaSSL_function will become SSL_function, but wolfSSL don't change the prefix of those functions.

$ nm -D libcyassl.so
0002bb10 T CyaSSL_Free
000174c0 T CyaSSL_OPENSSL_free
0001564c T CyaSSL_PEM_def_callback
000174fc T CyaSSL_PEM_read_bio_PrivateKey
000174f4 T CyaSSL_PEM_write_bio_DSAPrivateKey
000174ec T CyaSSL_PEM_write_bio_RSAPrivateKey

And I get an error message from Mongoose.
[error] [client ] load_dll: libcyassl.so: cannot find SSL_free

What should i do for resolving this ?
I appreciate for any kindly response.


Re: woldSSL 2.2.0 and Mongoose 3.1

Because mongoose doesn't directly include the wolfssl/openssl/ssl.h compatibility header, the function names are not automatically mapped (ex: CyaSSL_free -> SSL_free).  The next release of the yaSSL Embedded SSL Web Server will have support for the most recent version of wolfSSL.

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