Topic: how to add unsignedAttribute to wolfcrypt/src/pkcs7.c?

Dear WolfCrypt Forum:

We have a requirement to include the timestamp token (defined in RFC3161 ) as unsignedAttribute to CMS message.

Currently the data structure, "struct PKCS7SignerInfo" does not seem to support such optional unsignedAttribute types (as defined in section 5.3 of RFC5652

1. Are there pending patches that add the RFC3161 Timestamp Token as unsignedAttributes to CMS message?

2. if not, what is the best way to contribute a patch to add the said support?

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Re: how to add unsignedAttribute to wolfcrypt/src/pkcs7.c?


Thank you so much for your questions. There is no patch for the mentioned attributes at the moment. We can address it in one of two ways.

One, we can take this down as a feature request. We work on feature requests internally between other funded projects so there isn't a timeline guarantee on any new features unless a customer decides to fund the effort for a guaranteed implementation timeline.

Two, as you suggested you can make the changes yourself and submit those changes as a pull request against

In order to accept changes from individuals that are not employees of wolfSSL we have to work through some legal paperwork to get you set up as an approved contributor under the wolfSSL Incorporated organization. To start that process go ahead and open your pull request when ready and then send an email to "support [at] wolfssl [dot] com" with the subject line referencing the pull request number and request a contributor agreement to go over with your own legal department before returning a signed copy to wolfSSL for review by our legal department.

If your contributor status is approved we can then begin reviewing the proposed changes for acceptance and ultimately merging into the wolfSSL master code branch.

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Re: how to add unsignedAttribute to wolfcrypt/src/pkcs7.c?

Thank you. We are working on a patch.