Topic: Building wolfSSL for Xilinx Microblaze

Is there a set of #defines for Xilinx Microblaze embedded applications?

There is #define WOLFSSL_XILINX and #define WOLFSSL_XILINX_CRYPT in settings.h, but are these sufficient for microblaze builds? Will we need to port wolfSSL?

Our FPGA part number is XC6SLX150-FGG676-3 and we are running Xilinx 13.4 (nt). The Microblaze IP version is 8.20.b.

The compiler is mb-g++ and is located in: C:\Xilinx\13.4\SDK\SDK\gnu\microblaze\nt\bin

Our application does not have a file system or an operating system. Also, we need to support the ECDHE-ECDSA-AES256-GCM-SHA384 cipher suite.

Thank you


Re: Building wolfSSL for Xilinx Microblaze

Hi buoy,

I am not aware of any Microblaze cross compile efforts.

Try something like this:

./configure --host=aarch64 CC=mb-g++ --disable-filesystem --disable-shared --disable-examples --disable-crypttests --prefix=[installdir]
make install

We have a few Xilinx examples located here: … /XilinxSDK

David Garske, wolfSSL