Topic: WolfSSL with Renesas RA6M3

I'm looking at using WolfSSL on a Renesas RA6M3 to connect to AWS with MQTT and to connect to a private server with HTTPS using Mutual-TLS.

The Renesas website page about WolfSSL mentions "MQTT client with examples for AWS" - could you point me to a link for that code?

Also, can WollSSL work with SCE7 wrapped keys for the Mutual-TLS connection?



Re: WolfSSL with Renesas RA6M3

Hi torntrousers,

The wolfMQTT AWS example is located here: … ub-example … ples/azure

The latest work for the RA6M3 is here: … udio/RA6M3
We also have a PR that adds hardware crypto support here:

The SCE support is outdated and is being worked on this week. If you would like to find out more please email and tell us a bit more about your project.

David Garske, wolfSSL