Topic: build support available?

Hello to all at wolfSSL + community.

I've been tasked with evaluating options which could provide SSL capacity to our products.

The question is: what degree of support might we anticipate when it comes to building wolfSSL on our platform.
Initial attempts have thrown up problems with the older gcc/autotool/hardware in our environment.

Would be great to report on that: if we went wolfSSL, building-within-our-environemt support is something which is available.

Thanks for your time!
cheers aye.


Re: build support available?

Hello iain.moir

Welcome to the wolfSSL Support Forums!

We are constantly striving to make the build process as painless as possible, but there will always be some unique environments that need a little extra effort. We are very adept at helping users to get started with the library.

Here is our QuickStart guide:

Please email us at with any questions.

Eric @ wolfSSL Support