Topic: Your Feedback Requested on Camellia Cipher in CyaSSL


Team yaSSL has recently been considering the addition of the Camellia block cipher to the CyaSSL embedded SSL library, and we would like to request your feedback on this addition.  Do you think it would be a beneficial addition?  If it was added to CyaSSL, would you be interested in using it?  Because we strive to shape our SSL library around what our users want and need, we greatly value your feedback.

If you are unfamiliar with the Camellia block cipher, you can find a Wikipedia article on the cipher here:, or the Camellia cipher’s English homepage, here:

Please send any feedback to or reply to this thread, below.

Team yaSSL

Re: Your Feedback Requested on Camellia Cipher in CyaSSL

I am interested   wink

Camellia is cypher used per default in firefox and firefox you know is one of the most used web browser in the world. I use the cyassl sniffer feature in my job and all the traffic between firefox and apache2 cannot be decrypted. It means ~35-40% of the traffic in medium - large companies. If you need to implement the sniffer by a customer you need to ask system admins to disable this cypher.
People are always scared if you must change a security parameter  neutral

It would be very helpfull this new feature